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Comix is developed by Pontus Ekberg, a computer science student from Sweden. Feel free to contact me at herrekberg@users.sourceforge.net.

If you need help with something, or just want to say hello, you could also use the forums or the support section at sourceforge.net:


You can contribute to Comix in a number of ways. The most obvious way is to report bugs or request features that would make Comix a better application. Donations are very welcome, but are in no way required.


If you want to see Comix in your native language you can contribute a translation. Comix is translatable through the Python gettext module; the files used for the translation resembles those of GNU gettext exactly. You don't have to know how to program to be a translator, you simply have to translate the strings in the messages.pot file that can be found in the messages/ directory of the latest Comix release (check out the latest revision from the SVN repository). A good program to help you with the editing is Poedit external link. When you are done, and have checked the translation for errors, you can send it to me, so that I can add it to the next release.

Comix is so far translated to:

Please note that not all of the above translations have been updated for Comix 4 yet.