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You can download any Comix release through the sourceforge.net download section. The latest release is:


Run python install.py install as root to install Comix in /usr/local. To uninstall, simply run python install.py uninstall.

If you wish to install Comix in another base directory, use the --installdir option. Example: python install.py install --installdir /usr. If you have installed with --installdir, do not forget to use the same option when uninstalling.

There is another option, --no-mime, that can be used to tell install.py that it should not register new mime types for cbz, cbr and cbt archives, or install the thumbnail creation script for these files that is used by some file managers (such as Nautilus and Thunar).

As an example of how to install Comix from the downloaded tar.gz file, run as the root user (via su or sudo):

# tar -xzf comix-x.y.z.tar.gz
# cd comix-x.y.z
# python install.py install

If you don't want to install Comix in some system directory, you can just execute the file src/comix.py in the unpacked Comix directory to run the program. You could also create a symlink somewhere in your PATH pointing to this file.


Comix needs Python external link 2.4, PyGTK external link 2.12 and PIL external link (Python Imaging Library) 1.1.5 or newer to function.

To use the library you need pysqlite external link (which is usually included in the standard library for Python 2.5 and later).

You also need either the unrar or the rar program from RARLAB external link installed if you wish to read RAR (.cbr) archives.

Alternative Comix packages

There are Comix packages available through some system's package managers, including:
Various RPMs can be found at rpm.pbone.net external link or rpmfind.net external link, and alternative Ubuntu packages can be found at getdeb.net external link.

Note that these packages do not necessarily contain the latest version of Comix. If you want to be sure about getting the latest version, you should install from the tarball above. Feel free to compile new Comix packages for your favourite package manager.